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Is this mic on? (Read 101 times)

Giant Flaming Dork

    Anyone still use this forum?


      Bueller?  Bueller?


      I'm here.

      Giant Flaming Dork

        Sweet!  Two days for someone to answer and five days for me to respond.  Yeesh!  :-)


        Any race plans this year?


          Hi There,


          Planning a 10K on April 30th and a fall marathon.  Perhaps I will do a 1/2 marathon during training.


          I've done a couple 1/2's in the past, but that was a few years ago.


          How about you?

          Giant Flaming Dork

            No plans as of this point.  I'm going to take a shot at my 5k PR this year.  I don't have a gopal race yet.


            I also have a friend that's trying to get my pumped up for the Hartford Half in October.  I've run exactly one half and liked the distance, but I'm almost never in half marathon shape.  Dead