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Whole Foods Half Marathon C'ville, VA 4.6.13 (Read 6 times)

    Anyone else signed up for this race? It will be my first half marathon. The only races that I have run so far are 5k's. But outside of a 5k, I have run over 6 miles and have been increasing my mileage so that I will not die and therefore finish the half this April. I hope to finish under 2:30,. Ideally I would love to finish under 2:00.


    Find your happy pace.



      Hi Duder!

      I'm not doing C'ville this year, but I am doing Waynesboro's Park to Park. I've done halfs and a full marathon, but I'm taking a completely different approach to training this year. Who knows where that will put me! My half time is usually between 2:15-2:25. I would also love to finish under 2:00 but that might have to wait until Richmond. Smile

        I grew up in the Richmond area and have heard good things about the Richmond half and full marathon. Funds, joints, and health willing I would love to run that course.

          So the Half Marathon has come and gone. I managed to finish with a time of 2:10:36. A pretty good time for me considering I normally have been a 5k jogger. Hope all who ran it had a good time.