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New Year's Resolutions (Read 213 times)

    Anyone else have some running related resolutions? Here are some of mine so far. 1. Run a thousand miles (I just missed it last year to do injury). This year, I'm gonna kick that bunny's tail! 2. Complete a hundred miler (almost pulled that one off this year; 86 miles in 25 hours) 3. 43:30 for a 10K (7:00 per mile) 4. 5:50 for a single mile 5. And finally, run a 3:30 marathon (8:00 per mile)

    Rim Rock Dad

      1. Just got in over 600 miles this year (seemed easier than when I was trying to get 500), so I think that getting in 700 should be a good step. 2. I'd like to get in at least one marathon (goal 4:30) and one ultra this year. Money will determine that. 3.I just missed 50 minutes for a 10k back at the Bolder Boulder, so if I can beat that I'll be happy.
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      Top 'O the World!

        So where is everybody?? okay, I been in Breck! Roll eyes Resolutions!? 1.) Put The Fork Down!! (goal would be 40lbs - but I'd breathe easier w/20) 2.) Run More! (broke 1100 last year, goal would be to beat that...) 3.) Meet some more of my imaginary friends! Wink
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          Running resolutions/goals??? Hmmmm.... 1. Sub 3:00 at Boston (looking doubtful) 2. Run a decent BolderBoulder (sub or low 38) 3. Sub or low 1:20 at Georgetown to Idaho Springs half 4. 2:56 at Denver Marathon Right now, none of these seem possible. But, I guy can dream can't he? Big grin Also, I strongly second these: 1.) Put The Fork Down!! AND 3.) Meet some more of my imaginary friends!
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            1. Run 2500 miles 2. Sub 5:00 Mile 3. Sub 19:00 5K 4. Complete First Marathon 5. Run said Marathon in 3:30 or better 6. Lose my remaining 15 pounds, i.e Put That Fork Down!

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