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Bolder Boulder!? (Read 362 times)

Rim Rock Dad

    I added the 5 minutes that I lost last year, so I'm back where I was before.


    I agree Dave, it was a little muggy, but I'll take it over the weather from last year. Great job Dave!

    James "We're only at home when we're on the run." -Neil Peart

      Well done, James, especially considering how your last few months have gone.  It's good to see you back on the road! 


      Are we going to see you at the Trophy Series race on Sunday?  Free pancake breakfast afterward!!  That goes for everyone, too.  Sunday, 8am, Bible Park.  2 mile sprint!

      "Run like hell and get the agony over with."
      --- Clarence DeMar

      Right on Hereford...

        I sucked.  Better than last year, though.  I really sucked then!  Ended up running 39:57, a minute and a half slower than I had hoped.  Anyone else feel it was a little muggy this morning?


        On a more positive note, I did meet Mark (Dakota  RR) before the start.  Actually, he found me somewhat randomly in the CB corral about 6:30.  I last saw him pulling away from me somewhere around mile 4!  He was looking pretty strong!


        By the way, I did see a Michelob Ultra beer tent over in the expo area...of course, there was no actual beer anywhere near it!!!


        It was great to meet you yesterday, Dave! Sorry you didn't have the race that you wanted. You were looking good for the first half, consistently 15-25 seconds ahead of me.


        And your friend (Tim?) looked strong as well. He looked like he pulled a hamstring at mile 2. I thought he was done, and then he jumped back in and caught up to you!


        Yeah, it was muggy. The weather report said 100% humidity! Temperatures were fairly cool, though. Much better than some years when it's been hot.


        Mtnchk, nice job pacing to an enjoyable finish. And James, I don't know your story, but if you can drop 5 minutes one year, you can certainly do it again next year.


        And yes, a REAL beer tent is needed at the BB.

        Top 'O the World!

          Yup, muggy, but coolish....much better than my coupla runs down in S. FL last week!  


          Sorry we didn't hook up w/you guys this time....had some other RA peeps from NE that we coordinated with...they were running closer to our waves   & then we made it over to Red Robin for beers (cheaper) well before the rain hit.....


          If we go by just this race time, my DH & other friend should be "seeded" with James next year....hmmmm

          Remember that doing anything well is going to take longer than you think!! ~ Masters Group
  'd everybody do???  me - 2 mins slower than last year, (1:06:55) but a MUCH better quality race! steady & better I just gotta work on that speed thingy!    still wish they had a "beer tent"

            Cool to see some activity on the group.  I was pretty pleased with my time.  I cut three minutes off of last year's time and ended up at 43:48.  I've been going to a "boot camp" fitness class twice a week at our rec center here in Erie.  I think that helped quite a bit.  I started in the AB wave (last year I was in BA wave).  It always surprises me how much a good race hurts. 


            Good to see some more Boulder people in the group.  I am hoping at some point to find some people to run with.  The Boulder trail running group goes on the wrong day for me.  Any takers?  (I work in Boulder so a lunch time, or post/pre work run would be awesome).