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    Great to see you today! Forgot to wish you luck next weekend, so, good luck next weekend! Hope your knee issue works itself out before your race. Speaking of issues... 1) I think my little annoying hamstring pain is a little more serious than I realized (it hurts right now) and, 2) Ric scared the hell out of me out there this morning! I'm pretty sure we witnessed something kinda bad. I hope he let his wife take him to get checked out (he's a little stubborn, I hear). A face plant followed by left arm pain/numbness is not a good combo.
    "Run like hell and get the agony over with."
    --- Clarence DeMar

    Rim Rock Dad

      I didn't realize that he had issues with the left arm. Shocked That would explain the problem with breathing. I certainly hope that he takes it easy the next few weeks. I had a temp guy at the Costco job over the summer that had similar symptoms. Couldn't breathe, left arm tingling, etc. It turned out that the guy was within minutes of having a full-blown heart attack. I hope and pray that Ric didn't get to that point! By the way, you looked great for coming off a new PR at the marathon! Sorry to here about the hammy. Hopefully, you'll give yourself enough of a break to let it heal up.
      James "We're only at home when we're on the run." -Neil Peart