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    So it looks like I'm moving to Denver next month. My office there is in DTC. Is Highlands Ranch the most logical place to rent a house? As much as I hate the thought of living in one of the 'little boxes,' I really don't want to deal with much of a commute at all. Any thoughts or advice from locals? My wife has family in Golden, and I love that area, but my office is around I25/Orchard, so I think it's way too far. Right now I work from home, so any commute is going to take some adjustment, much less 30-45 minutes or more.


    MTA: Oh, also, of course I'm hoping to be near some decent trails if possible. From what I've seen of Denver, it seems hard to find a place that ISN'T near decent trails, but that's a consideration as well.

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      Well Howdy & Welcome!


      DTC is right where Wildchild works & I live-ish...I'm more Lone Tree area (but not actually IN Lone Tree) near Park Meadows Mall...& I prefer that to HR actually - it's also not much of a commute from Englewood, Southern Aurora, Cherry Hills, Castle Rock or Parker...take a look about when you get here. I think there are plenty of rentals to be had that are not in HR!


      You're right, it would be a bit from Golden. maybe 30-45 min drive I think - except for heavy tfc zones & bad weather, which would make it longer, but I know some folks who make that kind of commute in order to live in their "preferred" areas.

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        Welcome, Green!  I work south of DTC, near I-25 and C-470.  I have a horribly long commute - 50 miles one way. I live in the mountains, and as much as I hate the commute, I love living in the mountains.  I can't see myself living in the "flatlands" and it would be hard to relocate my family.  So I really have no advice about where to live in town, but I wanted to say welcome.


        As far as good trails, Cherry Creek State Park and the Highline Canal are both close to your office.

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