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Anybody racing Sunday? (Read 434 times)

    I placed first in my AG (50-59) with a slow time of 2:24:18, but I guess the fast folks in my AG didn't show up! I was surprised that they only provided water at the aid stations, no gatorade. I was sadly unprepared (a newbie mistake) and didn't carry anything with me. So by about mile 10 I kind of bonked, and walked quite a bit of the last 3 miles. That's just too far to run on a warm day with no carbs or electrolytes. Even with what I thought was a slow time, it was still a PR for me, as this was my first half. And winning 1st in my AG was an added bonus. Cool
    Carolyn- CONGRATS! How cool to win your AG in your first half! It seems to me that maybe YOU are the fast folks in your AG! I, also, was suprised there was no Gatorade. I really could have used something those last few miles. That made those hills and the wind that much harder. And the shot glass sized water cups didn't help much, either. I don't think you were unprepared at all. Normally a half marathon would serve a sports drink. They were set up for a 5k. I hope they change that in the future. MP- Sounds like you had a good time! I'm a little jealous you are getting a new road bike. New toys rock! Big grin BTW, I didn't see Eric's name in the results at all. I guess he wussed out. James- No idea what's next. I'm building base and playing it by ear. Other than Trophy Series races, only Georgetown to Idaho Springs half is for sure on my schedule until Denver. And the Marathon Training Series 20 milers. Lil Engine- How'd the 8k go?
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      Sounds like there were some Great Races going on! Sweet first half Wild One! I'll be running my first half in August, and I hope my time's as good. AG was certainly icing on the cake, wasn't it! I broke down and bought a new bike last summer - I highly recommend bike shopping, and buying. Bikes rock. My 8k went well. With my knee problems, my plebian goal was really just to run the whole thing, and hopefully finish in an hour. So my official time of 1:00:34 left me pretty content. What made me happy though, was that my knee didn't even give me a twinge 8 of pain until mile four. I love glucosamine and Joint Juice! Cool
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        Yay! Lil E! Smile Smile Congratulations!!!! I've got a HUGE stack of Joint Juice coupons....... Wink
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