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Any news on up coming Winter races? (Read 290 times)

    Hey. Sorry, I've been off the list for the while. I didn't run much over the summer and was focused on one event in fall. Now that that's finished (, I am looking for my next race. There is a 7 miler in Palmer Park down in Colorado Springs on Nov 16th. I'll probably do that one since I have family down there. Beyond that, I am considering the Winter Distance Series (already posted here). It is a bit far, but probably doable. Anyone interested in car pooling from up north to any/all of those races?

    Rim Rock Dad

      I was wondering where you've been. Glad to hear that everythings going ok. And congrats on the race! Thats tough, and it takes a tough runner to do that. After I get done with my next big race, I'm probably going to kick back a little for a while. However, in December there's the Colder Boulder. Fun race, with the potential for winning a wave. But last year there was alot of wind, but still fun. Have you checked the site for Rocky Mountain Sports? They seem to have alot of races listed year round. I like the WDS, but I've raced alot this year. So I'll probably skip that, and start focusing on the spring for speed work and possibly a half. Plus, RMRR has alot of races throughout the year.
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        I have a Colder Boulder invite since I did the Bolder Boulder, but for some reason it just isn't grabbing me. 5K is one of those distances that I tend to hurt myself doing. I'll probably just focus on training until spring.