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Do I qualify? (Read 224 times)

    OK, is Limon close enough to post here? When I race it's usually in Denver. I wanna be included too! (and I was at Boulder as well).
    "I think I can, I think I can..."
      Absolutely Limon is close enough! Welcome aboard! How'd you do at the BB? Is that Elitch's in the background of your avatar? Stadium Stampede maybe? I know...too many damn questions Big grin Big grin....we're glad to have you! MTA: Say...are you a coolrunning refugee? Or am I confused (it happens)?
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      Rim Rock Dad

        Welcome! Of course we'll let you in. You're definitely close enough to get in. Your name does look familiar. Cool running is the only place I can think that I may have seen you. Either way, you're in.
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        Top 'O the World!

          Howdy! {{{waving vigorously}}} I remember seeing you on the CR site too.....can't remember who with....but ref a run in Denver you met up for....??
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