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4th of July weekend races? (Read 187 times)

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    Anyone racing this weekend? I'm thinking of doing a 5 mile race in Winter Park on the 5th. It's on the bike path along the river between Winter Park and Fraser, and sounds nice. I can't race on the 4th, as DD is marching in the Greeley Stampede Parade as part of the Masonic Lodge band camp at UNC.

    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

      I just registered for the Palmer Lake 4M tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! It runs from Palmer Lake down to Monument, so I'm planning to run back to the start area and past up towards Greenland Open Space to get in some easy miles after the race. Unless, of course, I stuff my face, watch the parade, and take it easy like any normal person would do. Big grin I considered the race in Winter Park. I've run that bike path before. Amazing scenery, should be a great time.
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        Me & DH are on deck for the 5K down here in Lone Tree tomorrow...WP sounds nice Smile
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