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2011 Goals (Read 236 times)

Fortune and glory kid

    For me I need to have Goals, something to shoot for. What are your running goals for 2011?


    Mine, in no particular order


    1. sub 4hrs for the Iraq Boston Marathon

    2. Run 2000 miles in 2011

    3. Start a running streak of at least 1 mile/day everyday

    4. Run my second 50 mile Trail Ultra

    5. Grand Rapids Marathon

    6. 1/2 Marathon in under 1:45:00


    Good Luck in 2011


    Scooter D

      ok, here we go.


      1.  Finish the 1-147 challenge

      2.  Iraq Boston Marathon in 4 1/2 hours

      3.  Run 1000 miles

      4.  Maybe, just maybe, run that crazy 26.2 Trail Run



      And many more not running related  Big grin

      Fortune and glory kid

        4.  Maybe, just maybe, run that crazy 26.2 Trail Run



        This One



          My goals are to continue running at least every other day a minimum of 2 miles.  

          The Earl of Sandwich

            what about the River Run in Lansing? Count me in on that one for next year.



              To finish the Boston Marathon in Tallil!

              Fortune and glory kid

                My running streak goal begins today.


                The New Guy

                  1. Keep running
                  2. Run at least one marathon
                  3. Stay off the couch

                  Fortune and glory kid

                    Stay off the couch


                    You have a couch....................WTF


                    The New Guy

                      Figure of speech, for me it would be my computer chair. hahaha