Delta Company 1-147th AHB


Nov 1/2 Marathon (Read 149 times)

Fortune and glory kid

    Who's in for the 1/2 ????    I am, information I recieved from the SGM is as follows:


    Race information:


    the Time:  The race will at 0500.  We are not using the race bibs for this

    race so I would ask you to show up no later than 0450 for the brief.


    The Course:  The easiest way to describe it would be a figure-eight on the

    inner loop, then out to Delta gate, then outer perimeter road down to the

    FARP and back.  No figure-eight on the return leg, just straight back to the

    Resiliency Rear Gate.


    The Uniform:  Again, civilian running attire is authorized.  MP3s are

    authorized once you are on outer perimeter road.


    T-shirts:  First 200 get shirts.  If we don't have 200 runners (which we

    won't), then I will be handing out extras.


    The distance:  Yes, it is 13.1 miles.  And it is flat.  Hopefully, you have

    trained a little bit for the race.


    Refreshments will be provided after the race at the stage.



    Kevin Jones

    Thom Drake (Maybe)

    Jason Klein


    Scooter D

      * Bump *


      As of right now, I'm 100% sure I'm running it.




      Good luck tomorrow, everyone!