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Helpful running related websites (Read 156 times)

Fortune and glory kid

    I thought that it might be a good idea to share with you many of the great running websites that I have used. Of course you all know that Runningahead is by far my favorite not only because of the log but also the forums which are loaded with great information from many very accomplished runners. I am proud to say that I have made many friends on this site. Many of which I have eventually met at local races in Michigan. For those of you that are from Michigan I would also like to encourage you to join the group "Michiganders" I have been a member of this group for a couple years now. Wisconsinites can check to see if there is a group for your state or maybe you could start your own. Ok, enough about RA.


    I will continue to add more as I remember them. I will also include websites for significant races that you may wish to race someday.

  - I use this site for their running calculator  - This is where I buy all my stuff online. Locally I buy at Playmakers  - Get a subsription to this mag, great info and awesome articles. I read this cover to cover every month. Training info, shoe reviews, injury prevention, nutrition and weight loss.  - Basra running series  - more than just distance running  - Marathon Directory



    Races:  - Largest 25K road race in the country, Grand Rapids MI  - Madison Marathon, Madison WI  - Boston Athletic Association, Boston Marathon  - Grand Rapids, MI - Large Marathon in Duluth, MN . Race along Lake Superior  - Chicago Marathon