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Holiday booze line up (Read 223 times)

    For those of you hosting, what all are you serving?


    I am just now planning my list.

    - Anya

      I need to get about 4 bottles of nice wine, some decent beer, and prehaps a coffee liqueur of some kind, and some scotch for the scotch drinkers.    


      - Anya

      Prince of Fatness

        I am hosting family for Christmas, they are all beer drinkers if they drink at all.  I'll have some home brews, plus if you check out the holiday beer thread that I started last week, that's what I'll be serving.


        I am also hosting New Year's Eve.  That will be mostly neighbors.  I can't afford to feed their livers, so I will ask them to bring something (we do BYO at a different person's house every year).  This is mostly beer as well.


          Do people still drink sherry and port?  I wonder....

          - Anya