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    Whilst trying to find if I can get Killepitcsh in Pa (sort of like Jager) I came across this winery:




    I'd be surprised if you didn't know of them though.


    http://www.affentaler.de/en/index.html "Monkey Bottles

    The original monkey bottle has been a brand symbol of the Affental Viticultural Cooperative since 1949. The bottle with the monkey has since reached cult status among numerous wine lovers across Germany. The monkey bottles for Riesling or Pinot Noir are the most important export items of the Affental Viticultural Cooperative. The United States is the most significant export market for these items."

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      Speaking of monkey bottles. How about New Holland's Golden Cap?


      12 Monkeys

        A flying monkey saison.  Nice!

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          Speaking of monkey bottles. How about New Holland's Golden Cap?


          Their beers are decent, but their food is excellent.  They are directly across the street from our favorite local bike shop.  We eat there quite often, as a result. Big grin

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