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    A member of my beer exchange network will shortly be traveling through Virginia and eastern North Carolina en route to Myrtle Beach.  I've been asked to deliver a list of beers worth making a concerted effort to procure from those areas?

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      This is always helpful when traveling....




      Not sure about specifics.  Breweries to look for would be Westbrook (at least in Myrtle), Foothills, Sweetwater, Coast.  Others can chime in.  Assuming that this guy lives by you there are some breweries such as Weyerbacher and Troegs (VA and NC) that distribute down that way.  Not sure what styles he prefers but he should be able to find something that he likes from most of those breweries.


      I saw that there is a Greens in Myrtle.  I shop at the one in Columbia when going down south and really like that store.  I would think that the one in Myrtle would be worth trying.  My suggestion would be to ask for help in the store.  It's a crap shoot sometimes but I often get some good tips on local stuff doing that.