Drinkers with a Running Problem


Do you run better the next day after a few? (Read 212 times)

    I have a race tomorrow and call me crazy, but I will be having one or two beers tonight. I swear, it helps me run better the next day. Am I alone ?

    - Anya

      I can hoist a couple the night before with no ill effects. I don't think I could say I run better , but certainly none the worse for wear. I have to be careful, though. I am looong past the days when my metabolism conqured my hangovers. If I go overboard now, I am cursed with the "total body hangover" for the majority of the next day, and I'm not worth s**t to anyone or anything. I do likes me beer...

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        I can have up to two the night before a race but I really prefer not to. It think it's all in my head but I swear I can feel it the next day if it's a race day, even with just one or two. Confused I'm pathetic.


          I had 4 last night. Still managed to run a decent 5k. I probably wouldn't have had more than 2 if it was a long run.

          - Anya

          All business

            Well as i see it, there's only one way to find out. Maybe next week you could drink five or six, then give it another try and report back. JakeKnight wrote a nice piece about this subject in this thread which i think will be of interest to many people in this group. paraphrased as:
            X = # of beers permitted the night before a race. Y = length of race Z= hours until race begins Hours and beers are always rounded up; miles are always rounded down. X is always equal to or greater than 1. The specific formula is as follows: X = Z/Y + (10% * Z) + 1
            Maybe that's a good jumping-off point.

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              Hmmm, I'll try that....meantime, I'm w/Mississippi....one or two the day before I always seem to feel Sad however, straight to the beer tent I be directly afterwards! Big grin
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