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Has anyone tried the new formula for Shiltz? (Read 203 times)


    By new I mean old, the pre 1960s formula, I can only get it on the northside of Chicago so I hve to pick it up on my way home ftom work, it is so much better than bud or miller although I do enjoy Michalob! Any thoughts

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      Whoa, i would totally try that. I was going to a party a couple years ago (in Chicago), and picked up a 6er of Shlitz before going. It was two bucks.

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        Me being the connoisseur of old beer, I really the new recipe by shlitz. I believe what you had was the recipe they went to in the late 70s, which was ok at best, but was there down fall in the beer market. I would also recommend PBR and Old Style which just went back to pure krausening, Its excellent!!!!!!