Drinkers with a Running Problem


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    I hate freezer ice maker ice. Tastes weird and can ruin drinks.

    Unless you have one of those fancy icemakers. But they are too spendy.

      I agree totally dnephin.  It made me start drinking my bourbon and scotch with no ice.  If you need to cut the drink a little, I use to pour filtered water in a glass and chill it or make my own freezer ice.  When I get out of this apartment and back to a house, I'll invest in some serious water filtration.

      Princess Cancer Pants

        I have always wondered what our ice would taste like through a fridge system...from the tap it is awesome...almost a little sweet.  Higher than hell in calcium and makes a big mess of our sinks and faucets, but similar to Evian in flavor.  Destroyed at least 2 coffee makers before we started buying distilled water for coffee.  We've joked that we could make a fortune bottling it.

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