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beer at supermarket in PA!! (Read 364 times)

The voice of mile 18

    FINALLY! went to the new whole foods supermarket near my work and was greeted at the front door by a pyramid of sixp acks of my favorite beer - Victory lager hop devil rightt next to their little brew pub!!  I couldn't find any fluff or diet coke in the supermarket but got a sixer of the best brew around - YEAH!

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    Prince of Fatness

      We have a couple of Wegmans in the Easton / Bethlehem area that sell beer.  As a matter of fact they are having another beer and food tasting session there next Saturday.


      PA definitely has some whacky rules.  The supermarkets follow the bar rules.  You can only carryout a 12 pack at a time.  Then there's the beer outlets where you must buy a case at a time.  Most breweries are smart and have packaged up variety cases, at least.


      And yeah, Victory makes some good stuff.  I'd love to go down there and visit the brewery some day.


      The voice of mile 18

        think they sponsor a road race or two. yeah it's on list to visit as well

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        Prince of Fatness

          There is a movement to change the stupid laws in PA.  Check this out.


          Queen of 3rd Place

            Well at least SOMETHING in the grocery stores is progress. I remember throwing a party when I lived there, it tooke three stops - State Store for wine and liquor, beer outlet, grocery store!

            Ex runner

              That's funny.  I'm totally willing to drive out of my way to the new Wegmans just so I can see this beer section I keep hearing about!!!


                Wegman's beer section is great! I've been out there a few times to pick up a couple of six packs, and have also eaten at their pub. Good food, good beer, shopping with a nice little buzz. How can it get any better? 


                It's nice to be able to sample beer without committing to a case at a time.


                Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the stupid laws.

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                  i graduated from college in PA over twenty years ago and STILL tell stories of the mindlessness of ho wbeer used to be sold there...

                  Congrats on your skyrocketing property value and forward thinking legislators!  send em north!