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The Beer Fest (Read 128 times)

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    And I have a DD too.

    Prince of Fatness

      Beer fests rule.  Looks like a mighty fine brewery lineup.


      Have fun.


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        I have been relatively more sober in my life and I am now.

        12 Monkeys

          I think this was the total tally:


          1. Wild Child by Yazoo Brewing Company
          2. Beacon by Calfkiller Brewing Company
          3. Chocolate Milk Stout by Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery
          4. Unobtanium Old Ale by Straight to Ale
          5. Bourbon Barrel Chocolate Oatmeal Milk Stout by Blackstone Restaurant & Brewery
          6. Snowman Stout by Jackalope Brewing Company
          7. Laika by Straight to Ale
          8. Illudium by Straight to Ale
          9. Black Friday by Straight to Ale
          10. Hackers Comet Roots by Calfkiller Brewing Company
          11. Nutty Classic by Calfkiller Brewing Company
          12. Barrel Aged Kriek by Lucky Bucket Brewing Company
          13. Ville De Rivere Geuze by Rivertown Brewing Company
          14. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout (2012) by Schlafly Beer (The Saint Louis Brewery)
          15. Narwhal Imperial Stout (2012) by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
          16. Cask Consitioned Cherry Bourbon Cold Mountain by Highland Brewing Company
          17. Edge Of The Galaxy by Yazoo Brewing Company
          18. Double Chocolate Stout by Fort Collins Brewery
          19. Lindley Park by Olde Hickory Brewery
          20. Urban Bourbon Bock by Chattanooga Brewing Company
          21. Scorpion King by Cool Springs Brewery
          22. Classic Evil by Calfkiller Brewing Company
          23. Hackers Harvest by Calfkiller Brewing Company

          A highlight:


            Where the beers from Yazoo, one offs for the festival?


            Did Mayday have any beers? (New brewery in Murfreesboro, supposedly open now)


            Only been to one beer festival and it was a blast. Next time, I'm going to try and keep up with the beers like you did. Impressive.

            Get off my porch

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              Yazoo had three special beers, all collaborations. Only one will resurface, the collaboration with Calfkiller.


              Mayday, I am not sure if I saw them, thought there was much I missed...