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    Here's a pic for you brewers out there. All of this is destined for a fresh Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrel. This is 55 of the 60 gallons brewed.


    My local homebrew club is taking part in a club competition for the Indiana state fair. Each club gets a fresh Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrel to age their beer. We get to keep the barrel when done and only have to submit a 5 gal keg for the competition in July. The rest of the beer gets divided up among the members participating in the brew. It was a long day but the results should be well worth the wait.


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      What is your homebrew club?  I've been brewing for a long time...but it's been a long time since my last batch. 


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        It's a Strong Scotch Ale (wee heavy). This is the group's second barrel project. They already have a Russian Imperial Stout going in another barrel.


        The club is M.A.S.H. - Mad Anthony Serious Homebrewers. It's an informal group that meets once per month to share info and samples. (Emphasis on the samples) It's been a good resource for me since I'm still learning.


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          The barrel is now full. I don't know anything about whiskey but damn this thing smelled great. It came straight from the distillery so we didn't even have to clean it. We attempted to get some bourbon out of it but only got a few drops. Fortunately they donated a small bottle that we sampled while racking the beer. In between bunghole jokes we managed to get it filled in about 3 hours.


          Here are a few pics.






          Yeah I drank from the bucket. Do I have char in my teeth? 



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            Ross, my 11.5 yo starts the bunghole jokes every time I am doing anything with my wine kit.  Truthfully, it never gets old.  It ranks right up there with basketball.  Our team colors are blue & gold and the refs constantly say, "blue ball, blue ball".  I'm a coach,  I don't think I'm supposed to think that is funny.  

            And to stay on track...the beer looks great!  Make sure to keep us posted on the results of the competition.

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              Ross, my 11.5 yo starts the bunghole jokes every time I am doing anything with my wine kit.  Truthfully, it never gets old.


              A friend of mine has a shirt that reads "I pass gas through my bunghole" along with a drawing of a carboy and blowoff tube.


                DUDE!!!  That is AWESOME!  I have been a homebrewer for almost 20 years and in the last 10 years I have really fallen in love with Bourbon.  When my sis was living in Kentucky, we actually toured several distilleries......the Labrot & Graham distillery (makers of Woodford Reserve) was one of them and Maker's Mark being another of my favorites!  I think the marriage of a strong ale and Bourbon is an absolute perfect combination.  Let us know how it turns out........

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                  Good thing that barrel isn't at my house it wouldn't last that long.


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                    I missed the most recent sampling. We're trying to figure out how much longer to leave it in the barrel. I looks like it will be ready before June. Now we just need to figure out what to brew next.