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Most amount of money spent drinking in one night? (Read 188 times)

    Ok I think its apparent that we all drink alot....what's the most that you've spent in one night going out?

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      Boy...it's been a long time, and I'm a lightweight. I know some of those nights drinking in the UK in the early 90s were pretty pricey--mostly due to the poor dollar exchange. I'll bet there were some $50 nights, and that wasn't even for anything top shelf.

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        We can spend a lot! One of my favorite drinks is a shot of Petron and that can be spendy. Plus, after a few whiskeys DH usually decides to buy rounds for others. It's fun, but whoo-whee! Smile Jilly http://www.winechateau.com/vsku1207815.html?utm_source=Shopzilla&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=PATRON%20TEQUILA%20GRAN%20PLATINUM Hmmm...sorry for the long link, but I can't ever remember how to change the link into a word. My bad.
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          Yea I have to say I get pretty generous with my money after I've had a few Jack & Cokes, apparently one night I told a couple friends the next round was on me, next thing you know I had alot more friends than I came with and $140 tab when the night was done. I'd say probably $60 was spent on myself. I'm working on the generosity thing when I drinking now...
            It's funny you mention Petron, a friend of mine only does tequila shots when he goes out for some reason.....I thought it was like the $1 tequila night or something the way he was ordering them....but no shots of patron
              True Story: I used to work on Cruise Ships and was a Social Host on a World Cruise in the mid 90's. One day, my Cruise Director came to me because one of the passengers had asked him for me and my friends to sit at a table for an early show of a band he liked so he could take the table for the second show. My CD told me to get my three friends and I to drink as much as we could and the most expensive we could in the one hour of the show so this passenger would not ask us to be glorified place holders for the rest of the cruise. In one hour, we drank 7 bottles of Crystal Champagne at 150 a bottle. The bar waiter was a little nervous, but I was like no worries mate! Well, this passenger arrived after his dinner and was handed the bill. Without flinching, he said, "Oh, I see you had a nice time. Well done." And he added a 200 tip for the bar waiter. And, we got up and he got his table so he could see his favorite band. Needless to say, it was a good evening and he never asked us to sit a table again for him.
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