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    the coolest sponsorship ever!~


    We are looking for socially active enthusiasts who embrace an active, fast-paced lifestyle and who are excited to share their love for this way of life with those around them. If this sounds like you, apply today! We’re coming to your city below!

    Atlanta Cincinnati Ft. Meyers Minneapolis
    Austin Dallas Green Bay Peoria
    Bloomington Dayton Los Angeles Phoenix
    Boston Denver Louisville San Diego
    Chicago Des Moines Milwaukee Tampa 

     Washington DC

    We know that you, your friends, family members or colleagues may be a perfect fit for Team MGD 64, so apply today and forward this onto anyone else who might be interested.

    What you get:

    Custom Team MGD 64 running apparel
    Custom Team MGD 64 lifestyle apparel
    Team MGD 64 collateral to distribute to other socially active individuals
    Cash bonuses for fulfilling program requirements
    MGD 64 product for 6 months
    Custom Team MGD 64 Facebook page dedicated to team members
    Access to product offers, discounts, and more…!

    MGD 64 is looking for people who:

    Are active, passionate, outgoing influencers who are well connected within their social communities
    Participate in active events (running, walking, cycling, team sports, etc.)
    Regularly attend health club facilities, training groups or fitness classes
    Organize social gatherings, such as happy hours and parties with friends
    Are eager to promote a physically active lifestyle and MGD 64

     Tri Rule #1 of Triathlon Training/Racing - If Momma ain't happy nobody is happy