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Pumkin Beer (Read 233 times)

Former runner


    Gotta Flee Em All

      I have tasted a lot of pumpkin beers, and this year there are many more than I have ever seen.


      I have never really been too impressed.


      I'd suggest making the leftover pumpkins into pie and enjoy the pie with a nice stout. Or a stout and ice cream float Smile

      Ostrich runner

        I've made a pumpkin beer before and it wasn't one I'd try again.  The conventional wisdom on pumpkins is that they don't make good beer--if they did, more people would use them just because of the price per ounce of fermentable.  If anyone has distilling capabilities, I'd be interested in pumpkin spirits though.  I'd bet some good toddies could be made with nutty liquers and pumpkin vodka...maybe nocello.