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what's the weirdest thing you've drunk (Read 126 times)

The voice of mile 18

    absinthe is on my list now - gotta love something that may cause dementia my BIL used to import/sell wines from korean and they drink some nasty stuff but think the ginseng wine would have to be the healthiest stuff I've had good for blood sugars and the heart but man did it taste awful. well the first couple glass anyway after that it didn't matter

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      yup. absinthe. mainly b/c of the hype.

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      Princess Cancer Pants

        Snakebite black, maybe...I guess that's not all that weird (8oz hard cider mixed with 8oz lager and a shot of blackcurrant liquer to make it blood red). 2-3 of those and I'm passed-out in the corner, though. Wink

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