Drinkers with a Running Problem


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    You are getting NG in Indy???


     I wish. I was referring to the Belgian stuff.


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        Yep, correct.  Which was why I asked.  The post seemed to imply that the NG was available in Indy, which goes against everything that is known about NG.

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          I just got an email from my dealer friend. My shipment of NG is here. Looks like I'll have a bottle of Belgian Red and Raspberry Tart by Saturday afternoon.


          NG may not be distributed outside of WI but it pays to have friends willing to deliver.


          12 Monkeys

            Yes indeed.  That is how I got my Cranbic last year Big grin

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              This is what sucks about living in MI.  People in MI don't often travel to WI to vacation...most stay in MI or go far elsewhere.  That damned lake is a PITA! Tongue

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