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What's the most you've spent on one bottle of booze? (Read 407 times)

    Good bottles of wine at a reasonable price: http://www.northamptonwines.com/cafemenu/featuredwines.htm

    Jazz hands!

      I think I once spent $35 on fancy bourbon, though I have tasted Johnny Walker black or whatever. Wasn't mine Big grin
      run run run AHHHHHH run run run


        That's something I've long been curious to try. I have no idea where I'd even find it. I'm guessing it ain't cheap, either.
        You can great really great absinthe online from Liqueurs de France here: http://www.absintheonline.com/ If your order doesn't make it through customs, they ship again for free, and I've had great customer service from them. Unfortunately, now that the dollar is worth nothing (and I have no income), the prices seem outrageous. On the plus side, they are pretty high-brown and don't carry any of the nasty, chemical-tasting cheap dyed fluorescent green crap that people like to bring back from from the tourist stores, so you're pretty safe ordering just about anything from them. The Jade Absinthe Edouard is the reigning favorite in our house, though it's almost worth it to get the Nouvelle-Orleans, just so you can say that you tried it. Skip the Eichelberger, no one I know who's tried has liked it very much. If you want to become an absinthe snob, and learn the proper way to drink it (there is no fire involved) before you ever even try any, go here: http://www.feeverte.net/