Drinkers with a Running Problem


Bored with running. Have a beer (Read 171 times)

Biking Bad

finnegan begin again

    Perhaps not bored but dissatisfied with my progress. Stuck in the injury/recovery cycle. And I won't see a doctor. Who knows how wacky those docs are? (grammar sux) Anyhow. Decided drinking was my best bet.


    I have "home brew beer" envy. Back in school I used to help a friend with his process. Fun. I'm just not sure it should be around with 3 teens and their friends.


    Tonight was a date night. I started with a MagicHat SingleChair after running. Dinner started with a Troegs Sunshine Pils. I was outdone by The Mrs. ordering a Delerium Nocturnum. Not to be defeated, I countered with an Edmond Fitzgerald Porter. May I gloat over my victory.


    My only victory.

    Good night.


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    Feeling the growl again

      The only problem I see was that you stopped at 3 beers.  Would you stop a run at just 3 miles?

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