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beer fest - Cincinnati (Read 310 times)

    I just found out that my brother picked up VIP tickets to the Cincy Beerfest - winter edition.


    Each attendee gets 25 sampling tickets with each good for one sample.  VIP ticket holders get inside at 6:30p.m and receive other benefits including a larger souvenir sampling glass.



    So what do I need to put on my short list for samples of. 


    Beer List:


    Bell's Winter White

    Rye Stout! Rye Stout 6.7%
    Consecrator Doppelbock 8%
    Pale Ale American Pale Ale
    Oarsman Wheat Wheat Ale
    Treog's Nugget Nectar! IPA 7.5%
    Treog's JavaHead Stout -Stout 7.5%
    North Peak Diabolical IPA- IPA 6.7%
    North Peak Vicious Wheat IPA- IPA 6.7%
    Founders Centennial IPA -IPA 7.2%
    Founders Red's Rye-  Rye Pale Ale 6.6%
    Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale

    Founders Double Trouble Dble IPA 9.4%
    FoundersEndurance All Day IPA!
    Founders Dirty Dancer!! (Fri.)Tripl IPA 12%
    Founders Curmudgeon!!(Sat.)OldAle 9.8%Southern Tier Old Man Winter  7.2%
    Southern Tier 2X Double IPA 8.2%
    Southern Tier Gemini!! Double IPA 10.5%
    Flying Dog Garde Dog - Bier de Garde
    Flying Dog Wild Dog Coffee Stout! 8.9%
    Brew Kettle Copperhead Red - Red Ale

    Brew Kettle Old 21 Imperial IPA 9%
    Ft. Collins Retro Red - Hoppy Amber
    Ft. Collins Rocky Mountain IPA
    Sierra Nevada Glissade Bock-Helles Bock
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - American Pale Ale
    Harpoon IPA
    Harpoon Celtic Ale - Irish Red Ale
    21st AmendmentFiresideChat-Winter Ale 7.9%
    21st Amendment Back In
    Black IPA 6.8%
    21st Hell or High Watermelon Fruity Wheat Ale

    Victory Prima Pils Pilsner
    Victory St. Victorious Doppelbock 7.9%
    Rogue Mogul Old Ale Strong Ale-7Hops-7%
    Smuttynose Big Ass IPA Double IPA 9.2%
    Dogfish Head Raison De Etre Belgian Strong Ale 8%
    Dogfish Head India Brown Ale Brown Ale
    Paolo Santo Marron! American Strong Ale 12%
    Breckenridge Regal Pilsner! Dble Pilsner 7%
    Breckenridge Vanilla Porter- American Porter
    Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA - Triple   

                                              Hopped IPA 7.25%
    Heaavy Seas Small Craft Warning Double   

                                                          Pilsner 7%
    Bard's GLUTEN FREE ALE Sorghum Beer
    Great Divide Hoss  - Rye Marzen
    Great Divide Hades  - Belgian Ale 7.3%
    Great Divide Belgica  - Belgian IPA 7.2%
    Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti! Imperial Stout 9.5%

    Stone Smoked Porter
    Stone Pale Ale  - American Pale Ale
    Arrogant Bastard American Strong Ale 7.2%
    Double Bastard! American Strong Ale 10%
    North Coast Old Rasputin!  Russian Imperial Stout 9%
    North Coast Red Seal Ale  - American Amber
    North Coast Scrimshaw  Pilsener
    North Coast Pranqster Belgian! Belgian Strong Ale 7.6%
    Original Sin Cider 6%

    Original Sin Pear Cider 4.50%
    Weihenstephaner Hefe Weiss - Hefeweizen
    Weihenstephaner Korbinian Dopplebock 7.4%
    Moerlein Northern Liberties IPA
    Moerlein Lager House Helles Lager
    Moerlein OTR Pale Ale - American Pale Ale
    Moerlein Emancipator Doppelbock 7%
    Hudepohl- Hudepohl Amber Amber
    Hudepohl Festival Bock
    Little Kings Cream Ale
    Listermann's Enter The Beagle IPA IPA
    Listermann's Friar Bacon Smoked Bock
    Listermann's Cask of Wild Mild Mild Ale
    Listermann's Cincinnatus Imperial Bourbon Stout!! *high abv
    Rock Bottom Cincinnati Chili Beer

    Rockbottom Crosley Pale Ale
    Rockbottom White Tiger Wheat Rockbottom Tazza Mia Espresso Porter
    Rockbottom Liquid Sun Tripel
    Rockbottom Queen of Hops IPA  New!
    Rivertown   Hop Bomber IPA
    Rivertown Dunkel 

    Rivertown Hop Baron Imperial IPA 8.5%
    Rivertown Bock
    Rivertown Oatmeal Stout  

    Rivertown  Hefeweizen

    Ellzebelle Belgian Tripel Stout 8.7%
    - The Award Winning Festival Ale recipe brewed at Rivertown Brewing Co.

    Elevator Procrastinator Doppelbock *high abv

    Mogabi American Pale Ale
    Bleeding Buckeye Red Amber Ale
    Dark Horse Lager*GABF Winner American Gordon Biersch Double Hop Pilsner-New!

    Marzen Oktoberfest
    Baltic Porter Baltic Porter 8%
    Golden Export Helles Lager



    Fat Head's Headhunter IPA*GABF Winner
    Bumbleberry Ale

    Brewer's Surprise!
    Wooden Shoe Lager
    Wooden Shoe Bock!
    Tippecanoe Canal Jumper
    Wooden Shoe Stallos Town Wheat
    Maumee Bay  -  Buckeye Beer
    Maumee Bay Dry Irish Stout
    Maumee Bay IPA
    Maumee Bay Weizenbrock
    Maumee Bay Amarillo Double IPA!
    Maumee Bay Total Eclipse Breakfast Stout!
    Thirsty Dog Siberian Night!
    Thirsty Dog Stud Service Stout
    Thirsty Dog Twisted Kilt
    Thirsty Dog Cerberus 10 Dog Ale!!
    Great Lakes Conway's Irish Ale
    Great Lakes Cleveland Burning River Pale Ale
    Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold
    Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter
    Sam Adams 4 Beers To Be Announced

    Party Source's Quaff Bros.  Jones' IPA

    Party Source's Quaff Bros. Figgin Pudding
    Summit Winter Ale
    Summit Extra Pale Ale
    Bluegrass Bourbon Barrel Stout
    BBC Pale Ale
    Leinenkugel 1888 Bock
    Blue Moon Spring Ale
    King Ludwig Weiss

    Pilsner Urquell

    The Truckful 'O Hops!
    Breckenridge 471 IPA
    Breckenridge Lucky U
    Great Divide Titan IPA
    Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
    Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
    Stone Sublimely Self Righteous
    Stone Cali-Belgique IPA
    Buckeye Brewing Hippie IPA
    2 Brothers Cane & Abel
    Boulder Looking Glass Mojo IPA

    Mt. Carmel Beerambulance
    Blonde Ale
    Nut Brown
    Winter Ale

    KY Ale Garden
    Kentucky Ale

    Kentucky Light

    Ky Bourbon Barrel Ale

    Goose Island Tasting Area
    Goose Island

    312 Urban Wheat
    Chicago Mild Winter Ale
    Honker's Ale
    Pere Jacques
    Pepe Nero  New!
    Red Hook Ropeswing Pilsner
    Widmer Hefeweizen

    Left Hand's MOO MOBILE
    Left Hand Milk Sout (On NITRO)
    Warrior IPA
    Polestar Pilsner
    Sawtooth Ale
    Fade to Black
    Junior Black Belt!

    Spaten Bier Garten
    Spaten Maibock
    Germany Optimator
    Franziskanner Weiss
    Spaten Dunkel
    Spaten Lager

    ! or !! indicates a hard-to-find beer or only available in a small quantity   

    nothing to see here.  

    Lazy idiot

      I did the one this group put on in Columbus a few weeks back: great event.


      Have fun, and take a cab.

      Tick tock

      Prince of Fatness

        I agree with Drew on the cab.  Do not even think about getting behind the wheel,  You will be in the wrapper.


        As far as what to try, I would go with hard to find stuff first, then go with what you really like.  Lot's of good stuff there.


        Those two offerings from Troegs are very tasty.  I am not sure how readily available Troegs is out there.


          I've already made plans for a driver both ways.  and I got a free pass from the wife for the weekend.  So I'm all set to have a good time.


          I'm thinking the two Dogfish beers will be worth a try. 

          nothing to see here.  

          Lazy idiot

            I've already made plans for a driver both ways.  and I got a free pass from the wife for the weekend.  So I'm all set to have a good time.


            I'm thinking the two Dogfish beers will be worth a try. 


            If they have the Paolo Santo Marron, try a bit of that, too.  I've not seen that here in Columbus.  They advertised it for Beerfest, but did not have it out.


            I also attended a Founders seminar (not sure if they're doing that for yours or not?), and that was pretty cool.  4-5 different Founders brews, with some little appetizers as well.

            Tick tock

            Prince of Fatness

              I'm thinking the two Dogfish beers will be worth a try. 


              There are 5.  If you look in the right column you would see the 60 and 90 Minute IPA's.  All are good, but the Raison and 60 Minute are readily available anywhere so I would be tempted to skip those if there is other stuff you'd rather sample.  Palo Santo, Indian Brown, and 90 Minute are definitely worth sampling.