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Snow storm booze (Read 379 times)

    Hey East Coasters,  do you have your storm booze yet?


    I do.


    Case + of various beers, 2 nice bottles of wine, and, a beautiful fifth of Red Breast Single Malt Irish Whisky. 



    I think we're ready !!!!!

    - Anya

    The voice of mile 18

      have what's left of mixed case of wine am need of some beer today thansk for the reminder

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      Prince of Fatness

        I have well over 30 units + plenty of booze.  I'm covered.


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              I'm not on the East coast but I did get a snow drift that was about 5-6 inches deep across my driveway. They're predicting more snow for tonight and tomorrow so I better stock up. I think I have a couple cases of beer down in the bunker.


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                  I think I need to get some booze tomorrow AM.  We're have a "Winter Storm Warning" bearing down on us.  Guessing the rugrat will have a snow day on Weds.

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                    Well, what can I say?  I ran out.  Was not expecting a second storm, and was trapped all day yesterday with a quarter bottle of wine, and 2 beers.  Wah!!!!!!!  


                    Note to self:  Keep an extra case or two on hand.  


                    Now, if it could only melt so I can run again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

                    - Anya

                      I'm late to the party for this one but in our house, beer was the FIRST thing we stocked up on.  That's probably not the best parenting style.  Oh well.  Gotta have beer in the house.