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My first Bells (Read 550 times)

Prince of Fatness

    Tried the Third Coast Old Ale for the first time the other day.  Recommended.


    Prince of Fatness

      I hit a home run yesterday at the beer store.  Been looking for some Bells stouts for some time.  The place that I go to in PA sells single bottles so I did not even have to break the bank.  Got these....


      Expedition Stout

      Java Stout

      Double Cream Stout



      Fast is better than long

        Bell's Cherry Stout has a tartness vs. sweetness. I understand you like tart so you may enjoy this more than I. It took me by surprise.

        Oberon is my summer goto brew, clean crisp wheat

        The Cream Stout is quite sweet and very mellow


        Is the Wit seasonal out of season?  I don't see it on their website, weird.  I do spot a cherry stout there, which is cool.  I gotta find me that one!


        The Kalamazoo Stout is a fine choice.


        $11.99 for a Bell's 6 is a bit high.

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