Drinkers with a Running Problem


Gareth Glowworm (Read 160 times)

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    Feeling experimental after falling - KERPLAT! - during my evening run (that's as good an excuse as any), I opened up one of my recipe books, this one's from the UK, it's.........different...let's see, what do I have laying around...yessss...


    Gareth Glowworm

    1 1/2 oz light rum

    1/2 oz white creme the cacao

    1 oz heavy cream (I made do with half-and-half)

     shake it all up with ice and strain, then drop into the center

    1 tsp cherry brandy


    Very festive and holiday-like and all that. I'll give it a thumbs up and suggest it for those who cringe at the thought or mere name of egg nog.


    Ex runner