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New Book about Lagunitas (Read 19 times)

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    Tony Magee founded the Lagunitas Brewing Company in 1993, when he transitioned from his career in the music world into a new one in the craft beer industry. 20 years later, Lagunitas is an undeniable Bay Area success story, and now Magee is telling that very story in a new book titled The Lagunitas Story; So You Want To Start A Brewery…?

    Published by Charles Pinot, the book is part memoir and part small business manifesto. It’s available in paperback for $17.95 and on the Kindle for $14.99. You can buy it on Amazon.



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      I'm a Lagunitas fan, so that's going on the to-read list.  I'm sipping their "Undercover Investigation Shut-Down" right now.  It's probably got a chapter in there.  As i understand it, it was brewed "in remembrance of the 2005 St Patrick’s Day Massacre and in commemoration of our 20-day suspension that followed. The ABC conducted an undercover investigation of our brewery, finding us guilty of operating a “Disorderly House.”


      Hoppy and delicious!

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