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Mmm...cherries... (Read 587 times)

     I just saw Sam Adams has a cherry beer on the market...maybe a seasonal brew?


    I had Sam's cherry wheat at the airport last week.  It was damn good. 


    I've got a fever...


      I had Sam's cherry wheat at the airport last week.  It was damn good. 

      You've reminded me -- I have some of this in my fridge.  Need to crack it open.


      It is a holiday season brew.  You can get it as part of a holiday mix pack. 


      There is also the Winter Lager, which after Oktoberfest, is my favorite of their four seasonal brews.

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      Former runner

        Just finished a bottle of this tonight. I almost didn't buy it because it was extremely pricey for a 12 oz bottle. This stuff ranks pretty close to the New Glarus. It's tart but not too sweet like most krieks. Plus it's oak aged so it has that nice flavor that you get from the oak. Also picked up a bottle of Cantillon Kriek that I'll have to save for later.






        Princess Cancer Pants

          Ooh, that sounds yummy, too!

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