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My new love, Alaskan Amber (Read 175 times)

    Wow, the beer is good in AK. As soon as we got here (AK) I feel in love with Alaskan Amber.. I also love their IPA. Well, we spent 2 days in Juneau. Guess what the highlight was? You guessed it. The tour of the brewery. I could have stayed there all day. Too bad I had a ferry to catch. Love this beer!!!!!!!!!!

    - Anya

      I should also mention Juneau has some awesome running, and hiking. A really cool place, Mendenhall Glacier. Not just the beer!

      - Anya

      All business

        Oh man, that's one of my favorites. I used to live in Seattle, where it was plentiful and delicious. I saw it once in a speciality shop here in Chicago, but don't get to enjoy it like i used to. Oh, it's so good!

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          And, how!

          - Anya

            Yeah, I get up to SEA every so often and AA is my favorite! TC

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