Drinkers with a Running Problem


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    Saw this tonight. Interesting. "The Last One"




    Allegedly, I have tasted "corn squeezins" a time or so. It was just outside of Charlotte, not far from the Dale Earnhardt statue. Whatever it was, was sweet and tasty.


    If'n I knew I had a good, safe connection, I'd get me some, but it seems a dying art. (The protagonist in our documentary, I just sadly learned, killed himself a year ago. Woulda pegged him at older than 60 @ the documentary. ...His death is both a tragedy and a nice middle finger to the man.)


    Honestly, though, if'n you can make sauerkraut and homebrew for your own consumption, why not hooch?

    Needs more cowbell!

      That looks really interesting.  I couldn't get the video preview to load properly, but from the description it sounds like the music, alone, is worth checking that out.  My kid LOVES bluegrass (how many 9 year old boys adore "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?").

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