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Fuller's + Ribs + Beerfest = teh sexy (Read 170 times)


    Saturday night we took a road trip to some friends' house that live near Cincinnati. They grilled out a ton of baby back ribs and served up German Potato Salad along with everybody's drink of choice. I chose Fuller's London Pride and Fuller's London Porter [I'm a big porter fan.] Later in the evening, as the children were all tucked into bed, and the less stouthearted followed them, the rest of us watched Beerfest. At a certain level of intoxication, I thought this was the greatest movie ever made in the history of forever. Seriously, there were lengthy spans of the movie that I cannot recall a speck of dialogue because I was LMAO too hard to hear anything. [I'm looking at you frog fluffer.] However, I think if I watched it sober I would think it to be unwatchably stupid.

    Princess Cancer Pants

      Mmmm....Fuller's = good beer. When I was in the UK I used to hang at a Fuller's pub. Smile k

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      Getting the wind knocked out of you is the only way to

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        I've never seen Beerfest ... am I missing out? Big grin
        2009: BQ?


          As I mentioned, I loved it. However, also as I mentioned, I was severely impaired. I was also watching it with two other drunk dudes. I cannot really recommend it to you unless you agree to watch it with a few drinks in ya [sign this waiver]. I cannot recommend it to you if you prefer cerebral, dense, subtle, dry humor. Beerfest is dumb, juvenile stuff. However, if you, like me, enjoy dick|fart|boobie|potty jokes, then you will get through it just fine. Also, for the love of all that's holy, don't watch this with your kids. I don't care if your kids watch it, but it would seriously ruin the experience if you had to explain to your 11 year old daughter what that man in the yarmulke was doing to that poor frog. Total buzzkill.