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    I love it. Just sayin' Can anyone convince me that there is a better brand than Smirnoff? (The regular, 80 proof red, not the 100 proof blue, or fru-fru stuff.) And I'm not even talking better brand for the money, but certainly, this is an economical, but not "cheap" distillation. Oh, and I don't buy to impress with brands, or else I'd be having something like vodka distilled from bullrush, triple filtered through cowpies, before a quintuple charcoal filtration finishing rinse and bottled in a slightly ovoid tinted frosted vessel with a doiley about the neck.

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      Smirnoff is what we buy, too...though I rarely drink Vodka, except in Bloody Marys. I'm more of a tequila or rum gal.

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        I like Stoli better than Smirnoff, personally. But I have always been intrigued by Devil Springs Vodka. A store I worked at in collge sold it, but I was always too chicken to try. Why? 160-proof, that's why. Shocked

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          Try Tito's Vodka from Austin Texas. Yeah I know. Its not the vodka capital of the world and you would think a tequilla would be more appropriate. I received a bottle as a gift and really liked it. Not much more expensive than Stoli.

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            45th Parallel I haven't tried it yet, but it is made in my home state, and they've made some pretty good beer there, so if you're in Wisconsin or Minnesota see if you can try some of our spirits as well. More at http://www.45thparallelspirits.com/

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