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    I'm developing a bit of a soft spot for PBR.  Huh.  Derek bought some for boiling brats.  Usually we don't buy cold cases for brats, so I never bother dipping into the warm brat beer, but that's what the store had.  So I thought, what the hell...let me try one, again (I don't think I've tasted PBR since college--barely tolerated it, then), seeing as how it's already cold.


    Surprise...dare I say I sorta like it?!  The price is right, too.


    I won't be going full-on hipster any time soon, though.  I like the brakes and multiple gears on my bike. Big grin

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    Needs more cowbell!

      That clip always cracks me up! Big grin

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        My Dad likes PRB, and it's funny, young people drink it today.  Like some places around here have specials on PBR.   It cracks me up.


        My favorite slumming brews are either Yuengling or Labatts Blue.      Except Labatt's tastes a little sweet to me now. But, man, back in the day, it was all I ever wanted.  Especially, from Windsor ( yes, I'm a Detroit girl ), where they are  5.0.   Delicious! 

        - Anya

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          Heh... Yuengling is okay to me, but because it's not distributed here in Ohio it seems to have quite a local cult following.  They would crap that you called it a slumming beer.  Smile


          I rarely slum it, but if I do I'm "fine" with PRB or Old Milwaukee.

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            Ooh, yes, I used to love Labatt's.  Drew, I still don't really care for Old Mil.  Or, as my dad calls it, Old Piss Quick. Tongue

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              I'm a big fan of a Miller High Life on a hot summer day. It is the champagne of beers after all...

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                Bud light. Somehow seems just right when it's triple-digits, lay in the pool, throw some brats on the grill weather.

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                  I must have become a beer snob, because I just don't drink much of the mass produced stuff anymore.


                  But when I do, it's Yuengling.


                    Oh, I don' know...I consider it slumming when I drink Corona with lime.  Bar hopping only, thanks very much!

                    Michele in NC


                      At the lake, out on the boat, you can often find Budweiser, PBR, High Life, or Leine's original  in my cooler.  After about 6, it just does not matter much, and that stuff goes down better in the hot sun than my usual strong, hoppy ales.



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                        that stuff goes down better in the hot sun than my usual strong, hoppy ales.


                        There's something to be said for quantity over quality on a boat, true!

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                          Yuengling or Honey Brown on the East Coast, Tecate on the West Coast. Mmm. Honey Brown.

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                            When I'm hanging with the locals each fall in Montana, it's Busch Light because that's where the barley comes from and it's seen as supporting the local economy.  I am still trying to find an economical volume beer for general consumption, this place has made me a bit of a beer snob.  Labatt's was the "good stuff" in college, but I haven't had it in forever.  Miller Lite is ok, I'd probably slum with that.

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                              I found Coors Extra Gold when shopping for the best cheap 5% beer for the beer mile.  The stuff is good enough to finish the case when the event is over.  But not good enough that I run out to get more.  It would be the perfect lawn mower beer or sitting on the back of a boat beer.