Elk Grove

Check out our team website!


You can download the new training plans!




1.  In the reports portion of the members group, click on the user Training Plan.  


2.  On the left hand side there will be a tab at the bottom titled Training Plans.  Click it!                                                       


3.  Under that tab you will find a bunch of training plans.  Click on the one that fits you!

4. Click the copy button and give it a name.  Now this plan will be on your calendar. 

5.  To get your workouts to appear on your homepage, you must click customize when you are on your homepage. 


6.  The customize button is located in the upper right hand corner of your homepage.


7.  Once there, under the manage widgets portion, you can click scheduled workouts and hit the add button. 


8.  In the upper right hand corner of this page, click save! 


9.  Every time you log in, you will see what run you are suppose to do that day.   You now only have to click the workout and save what you did!