Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


Post-post race party at Mafiaoza's (Read 60 times)

Hoodoo Guru

    I need to go by Mafiaoza's tomorrow and give them our space reservation for Sunday night.  This is your last chance to come up with a better venue.  Or is everyone just OK with this?  I am going to find a way to get some more space for us there than we had last year, especially if it's gonna be cold.

    The tangents are moot.




      Count me in.

      Demon of Bad Decisions

        In, of course.

        I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

          In. And tell them not to yell at me this time.



          old woman w/hobby

            In X 2.



            Just run.

            Hoodoo Guru

              OK.  More room and no yelling at Candice.  Got it.

              The tangents are moot.




              In it for the long run..

                In x 2

                "It's not who wins the workout..."

                BANNED from the LLR (Ladies' Locker Room) forum at age 64.  Remember, folks, it's just running.

                Hoodoo Guru

                  By the way, they sell both beer and wine now.  Their beer selection is:


                  Yazoo  A Beer Named Sue

                  Woodchuck Cider  (yes I realize this in not a beer)

                  Abita Jockamo

                  Dale's Pale Ale


                  A very short selection, but a very interesting one.

                  The tangents are moot.




                  Will Crew for Beer


                    Rule number one of a gunfight, bring a gun. Rule number two of a gunfight, bring friends with guns.

                    Hold the Mayo

                      In.  Definitely.

                      And seriously they have SUE beer on tap now? That shit is amazing.

                      And in the end...

                        It's almost worth the trip just to have a beer with Dallas.  Lord knows I don't wanna run that stupid race.


                        Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.

                          In x2

                          Lazy idiot

                            In plus one.

                            Tick tock

                            Jeff F

                            Free Beer

                              My first Monkey so I am not sure what I am saying in for, but I am in...


                              I have volunteered to be the DD for Friday for the BMBM and honky tonking, so I hope someone reciprocates on Sunday.

                              Hoodoo Guru

                                You are in for the most relaxed evening of the year.  Good pizza (despite what Trent says,) great service (despite the waitress asking us to pay for the meal someone skipped out on,) 2 for 1 draft beer, and the company of some of the finest folks God has put on the face of this earth.  We will drink to new friends, old friends and absent friends.  You will be humbled by the running stories of others and your sides will hurt from laughing.  Feel free to ask everyone to join us, this is not a swamp exclusive or cool people only event.*



                                *Your ability to have fun is not guaranteed.  Your mileage may vary.  For a good time call 270-9080.  All rights reserved.  Subject to approval.

                                The tangents are moot.