Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


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Monkey Bill

    Coming from the Beer Capital of the world, Milwaukee, you can't run a mile without hitting at least 3 bars on each corner or a herd of cows.  We are fond of our beer here and our microbreweries that pop up everywhere (including in people's houses everywhere).  Even yours and mine race director, Trent, is fond of some New Glarus Microbrew from the state of Wisconsin.  He has sent me a fairly large order to be delivered when I come to The Monkey this weekend.


    That being said, I will be be running my 50th marathon at The Monkey on Sunday.  While this is a small amount to some and a large amount to others, I feel it is worthy of some celebration, that is is the Monkey don't carry me away as I crawl up the hill after 19.  I will be bringing 50 bottle of New Glarus Spotted Cow beer with me (my favorite) to share with some of my fellow insane monkeyites.  1 for me, 1 for Trent, and 1 for a college teammate of mine.  If my math is correct, and don't ask me at mile 24, that leaves 47 other bottles I would like to share with other Monkey finishers.  I know it will be cold on Sunday, well, at least cold for you southerners, but after the race, share a cold one with me, you've earned it.  This is no knock on Yazoo Beer, it is just my way of celebrating before my brutal 9 hour drive back home that afternoon.



    Professional Monkey Dodger


      If I survive the monkeys and if there is any left when I cross the finish line I would be more than happy toast your accomplishment with a New Glarus Spotted Cow!

      Hoodoo Guru

        I'm in.   Great way to share a great accomplishment with a few people who realize what it means to you.  Congrats.


        (Based on the fact that we both actually finish and aren't carried away.)

        The tangents are moot.




          Count me in, always looking to try a new beer. Congrats on the 50th marathon, cool way to celebrate.


            We have not met (yet), but anyone offering to share beer to drink is OK in my book.  Count me in as well, congrats on the achievement, and we'll see you there!

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            In it for the long run..

              I would love one if I'm finished before it is all gone!  What a great way to celebrate your tremendous accomplishment.

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              Slowr than Speedn Turtle

                Monkey Bill,


                I know that my husband and our friend Jerry Lynch would be happy to toast with you, they both love a good beer. See you on Sunday.



                  Congrats on #50.


                  If there is enough, I would love to toast your accomplishment at the finish.

                    Congratulations on your accomplishment, I can only imagine.  I doubt I'll finish in time but

                    virtual toast to you Monkey Bill!



                    OCD  If you don't laugh...   

                      Monkey for 50.




                      Jeff F

                      Free Beer

                        How can I turn down free beer; if you are not up to 50 yet, I would drink one...

                        Blue Moon Hater

                          If I make it to the finish line, I'll be putting on an Oshkosh shirt of some sort, so I can get some Spotted Cow.  Please, monkeys, dont' carry me away.

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                          Well, fuckers

                          He still stands


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                          Monkey Bill

                            Abe,  I am planning on running in one of my old Oshkosh Cross Country shirts in the race.  The old white with black letters, not the new ones Eamon is selling.  Got to go classic.  I have Bottle #1 saved for you.  Bottle #27 is saved for Trent and #50 for me.  If only Zup could be there.  He was there for #1 back in 1993.


                              Very generous monkey bill. If I get there in time, I would gladly toast your accomplishment with a NG and swap that for one of the brews I'll be bringing from Three Floyds (Zombie Dust or Gumballhead)

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                                sorry that I didn't get to toast your 50th. I will toast you this evening. congrats again on a tough day to run a marathon.