Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


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    Any barefoot monkeys out there? I've decided it's my best escape from being a walking, talking pelvic stress fracture. Embracing my inner simian with my new five-finger Bikilas and even some true barefoot time on the treadmill. 



      That's just full-on berserk. 


      I think I broke my left great toe yesterday (1st phalanx) with a spectacular stub along 18th Street. Wonderful sprawling dive, complete with bloody knee and new friction-holes in my Bikilas. I kept going for five miles because that's what a monkey does.

      And I'm undaunted, "barefoot" beats traditional shoes hands down. I'm back in my bikilas as soon as my swollen toe will fit back in there.

      12 Monkeys

        Be strong.


        Ass strong.



            I don't know any barefoot runners but had raced against some but

            running barefoot isn't for me.



              Confirmed! Fracture through the first phalanx, even into the IP joint a little bit but no displacement. Walking boot X several weeks, but probably still won't stop me from slipping on the five-toed shoes and running quietly after work. I'm an incorrigible, AssStrong patient.

              TT Man

                I still have my AssStrong bracelet.  That was so classic.

                Thunder smash!