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Yesterday's email (on July 31) (Read 751 times)

Lazy idiot

     You should probably change your profession on your profile because, well, its HR.  


    And it doesnt matter what you say. In my head for 2 years you have been "Drew Explanation of Benefits" and you will remain so. 


    Fair enough.  I only work tangentially in HR, which is to say... not at all.  Though all of my clients do.  Interesting.

    Tick tock


      Who, me?  I wrote a dumb hockey-centric blog for nearly 2 years, and that's where the EOB came from.  I should probably change my profession on my RA profile to secret agent or something to eliminate confusion.

      cat burglar


        yesterday was not 31 july.

        i find the sunshine beckons me to open up the gate and dream and dream ~~robbie williams