Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


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    I am not taking the time to figure out some cute little link ... Just want you to know it's there.  By the way, the pictures are not protected.  You may copy and post anything you wish.  Hope you enjoy!


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      Elly, you are the best!


         Flying Monkey_0004


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            I took a bunch of crappy pics on my iPhone that are no where near as good as Elly's, but you are welcome to them. They may be blurry, have bad lighting, or contain a finger or thumb. Most were taken at mile 6.5 and then a few at 18.5.


            I uploaded them to my FB account and you should be able to get to them here:




            If that doesn't work, here is my FB page.




            Feel feel to take whatever you like or tag yourself or demand that I remove your pic because my awful photography skills failed to capture your true beauty.

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              See more of Elly's great during-the-race photos here.


              And even more there.


              And in the end...

                But the really cool photos are here... click!


                Fuck it. I'm gonna PR this fall. Let's do this.

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                  The tangents are moot.





                    I have clicked the links and never see any photos ?  I wonder if my work has them blocked.

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                      Maybe your work blocks anything related to pain and suffering.

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                        They are in smugmug.  I can't see them at work either.


                        Running is stupid