Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


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The Wrong Team

     Not impressive. Mine was higher during Chicago training.

    Speaking of- did that hurt bdub? The chuck taylors I mean.

    I took his original point to mean, "He wore Chuck Taylor's and didn't train well" or paraphrased further as "He is an idiot."

    The Monkey always hurts.  It hurt more in Chuck's.  Not from the impact.  My right foot's big toe bleeds when I run in them.  I knew that from a few test runs.  I bought them for the Monkey though - so it seemed silly not to wear them just because they hurt. 

      Sounds reasonable enough to me.



        Yes.  My point was that bdub is an idiot.  Therefore, unless you are competing in the idiotic class, comparing performances is not an apples to apples comparison.


          Yes.  My point was that bdub is an idiot.   


          wow. i wouldn't take that if i were you, man.

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