Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


The Year of Monkey that Was (Read 36 times)


Monkey Mind

    This is the year of the monkey that was, and the year of the flying monkey wanes. Tomorrow a new age will dawn, full of new fates and meaning.


    But today I am thankful.


    I am thankful that you came out and threw yourself upon the beauty and horrors that our park has to offer. I am thankful for the wonderful leaves in the trees and covering your route, bringing out colors like we have never seen before. I am thankful for our volunteers standing out on a brisk day, trying to have as much fun as you did. I am thankful for our sponsors who brought us fluids and gels and people to man the aid stations. I am thankful for all the incredible food and drink we shared after your little jog around the park.


    I am thankful that you could be a part of the exclusive community of Monkeys.


    Thank you.


    Results are up on the website. Enjoy them. I suspect a few of them may be accurate even. http://harpethhillsmarathon.com/Runners.html


    Pictures are up, courtesy of David Martin Photography! You prepaid for these, so they are yours for the downloading. Enjoy! In addition, a number of other photographers have made course pictures available. Check it.


    Finish Line - http://davidmartincreative.pixieset.com/monkeyfinish2016/


    On the course - http://davidmartincreative.pixieset.com/monkeycourse2016/


    Others -







    As always, please feel free thank our heroic volunteers! They did a bang up job and I am both proud and appreciative. The best way to thank them is to give feedback either via an email to Diana the volunteer coordinator and me, or through a review on MarathonGuide (at: http://www.marathonguide.com/races/racedetails.cfm?MIDD=2539141123) or at RaceRaves (at: https://raceraves.com/races/harpeth-hills-flying-monkey-marathon-3/). RaceRaves is a new website that is designed to help runners discover new road & trail races around the world, plus review & organize the races they've run.


    Please think to support SWORD, Huma and Spring. The race drink was SWORD (http://drinksword.com). Huma (http://www.humagel.com) and Spring (http://www.myspringenergy.com) provided the energy gels on the course for you.


    For those wondering what the Chinese text on the medal says, I will spill the beans: “This is the Year of the Flying Monkey”.


    Have a great Thanksgiving, and enjoy some pie. Go for a run, if your legs will permit. Come visit the park and enjoy the hills.


    And come back to see us next year.


    The Army of 12 Monkeys awaits