Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


Post post race at MafiaOzas (Read 167 times)

Hoodoo Guru

    I have reserved room for 50 people at Mafiaozas for the post post-race celebration starting at 6pm.  In a tradition that started just hours after HHFMM #1, six survivors stumbled into Mafiaozas, and post post-race was born.  Why this location was chosen is shrouded in mystery.  It's not near the park.  It's not near anyone's hotel. It has bad parking.  But it does have 2 for 1 beer, a great selection of brew and a bar, as well as some pretty damn good pizza (despite what Trent says.)  Just walk in, tell them you are with the Flying Monkey Group and they will lead you down the yellow brick road of sobriety into an alcohol fueled Oz.  


    You don't have to make reservations.  Just show up.  And don't worry about being the 51st person.  There's room for more.




    2400 12th Ave South  Nashville, TN 37204
    (615) 269-4646

    The tangents are moot.




    Hoodoo Guru

      And a picture from that glorious first year


      (the tree thingie in the menu bar won't open a box for me to paste this link.  Can someone help me.)



      The tangents are moot.





        Zim zala bim.  OMG.  It. is. him.  Did he pick a fight with anyone during that fateful first year?  I mean at the party.



        Hoodoo Guru

          Thanks sr!  


          Yes, from left to right that is Chuck, Dallas (in back,) Samantha, Jeff and Diane.  Linda (Jeff's wife) took the picture and Trent showed up later.  No fights that night.  We were all one big, happy family back then.

          The tangents are moot.