Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon


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IMKY13 finish!!

    the first ornament on our tree:


    first ornament


    MTA: guess the monkies got to it ...just go here: http://twitpic.com/7pzolh  (there's more than one way to skin a monkey)

    Fitness/weight goals for 2014



    2) Get to 189 lbs by the end of July 2014...and stay there (as of 4-25-14 was at 203 lbs)

    3) Complete Ironman Chattanooga in under 14 hours

    4) Break 4 hours in a stand alone marathon (Goal race=Rocket City 12/13/14)

    5) 4,500 total overall miles for the year:

             Swim: 100 miles

             Bike: 3,000 miles

             Run: 1,400 miles

    Hoodoo Guru

      Awe!  He's a cute little fellow.  (Warning:  Don't turn your back on him.)

      The tangents are moot.